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This compelling book bestows great power by revealing the essential SECRET MAGIC FORMULA to getting Rich, Power, and Magic. Become wealthy, empowered and fulfilled through the power of enchantment.


You deserve to be rich, wealthy, happy, and successful beyond your wildest dreams. Become empowered, healthy, and fulfilled—all you need is the SECRET MAGIC FORMULA revealed in this powerful and potent book.
The enchanting journey through this compelling guide will reveal a treasure of magical secrets and wisdom, which will ensure you discover and tap into your own magical powers. This will reveal your potential and strength, leading to great fortune and empowerment.

By invoking the ancient forces and modern wisdom, the knowledge within these pages will bestow you with spiritual and financial fulfilment.

Sterling Wolff unveils a variety of magical tools including potent spells for money, wealth, power, health, happiness, and enchantment. Additionally, there are rituals, potions, invocations, power amulets, meditations, and much more in this essential fascinating book that will make you rich and ensure wishes are fulfilled.

In addition to this book, she is the author of Secret to Magic and Spells, Secret to Magic Love Spells, and Secret to Tarot of Magic.