This unique, compelling book—Secret to Tarot of Magic—unlocks the magical secret to the tarot as a powerful, mystical tool of divination and transformation through the power of magic.


Tap into the ancient knowledge of an ethereal realm, receiving clear insight into your past, present, and future with powerful ancient forces guiding your way.

If you have the Secret to Tarot of Magic book and the Secret to Tarot of Magic deck, sold separately through Sterling Wolff website and Amazon, then the power is already in your hands.
This book is unique as it reveals the secret to using tarot cards as a magical tool of transformation to make wishes come true.

Each of the seventy-eight cards of this beautifully illustrated deck is uniquely steeped in magic and designed to allow your subconscious to enter a mystical and otherworldly state.

As an empowering companion guide, this book, Secret to Tarot of Magic, is an essential resource for using your tarot deck to its full potential as you explore the symbolism, meaning, and magical forces at work in each of the individual cards. In addition to instructions on performing readings and full divinatory interpretations of each card, discover a variety of enchanting, powerful magic spells using the arcane power infused in this unique deck.

Whether raising psychic energy, detecting infidelity, or attracting the affections of the one you desire, the powerful and compelling spell work within is designed by a powerful psychic healer and experienced white witch—and suited to experienced practitioners and curious seekers alike. In addition to this book, Wolff is the author of Secret to Magic and Spells, Secret to Magic Love Spells, and Secret to Magic Money and Power Spells.