This unique, compelling book—Secret to Tarot of Magic—unlocks the magical secret to the tarot as a powerful, mystical tool of divination and transformation through the power of magic.


This unique tarot book is different from all other tarot books on the market, as it not only reveals the successful use of the tarot cards as a magical tool for readings, but it also reveals the secrets of using the tarot cards for spell casting with a variety of tarot spells provided using the Tarot of Magic cards which can be purchased through this website.
This empowering book along with a potent deck of tarot cards is a complete magical tool kit for you to enhance and fulfil your life’s ambitions
In addition to spell casting, the cards itself are charged with magical insight into your past, ponders the path to be taken at the present and insight into the future.
Whether raising psychic energy, detecting infidelity or attracting the affections of the one you desire, the powerful and compelling spell work within is designed by a powerful psychic healer and experienced white witch—and suited to experienced practitioners and curious seekers alike.