One question that is regularly asked of me are crystals just a New Age fad?
The answer is simply no.

People have been attracted to and fascinated by the power of crystals  and gem stones since humans inhabited the earth.  One of the oldest crystal amulets date back to 30,000 years where they were made from Baltic amber.

Their power to heal, balance and to regenerate have been recognised since ancient times. Some of the oldest references made to  crystals go back as far as biblical scripts with references made to quartz crystals in the bible.
In many ancient cultures gem stones and crystals were revered for their magical and healing properties as well as the power to adorn. From emperors’ crowns and robes to illuminating soothsayers, to shamans and native american healers all acknowledged and valued the sacred power of crystals and their abilities to heal protect and create change.








The ancient Egyptians were great advocates of the power of crystals especially popular amongst royalty, incorporating various gem stones and crystal beads such as Red Jasper, Sunstone, Malachite and the ever popular Lapis Lazuli into their regal attire. Cleopatra adorned herself with stunning crystals  embedded in her jewellery and headdresses signifying power, enlightenment and wisdom. The colour of the gemstone were also significant, such as blue gold red and green as they were considered auspicious colours further empowering the crystals.



Other cultures such as the ancient Sumarians would use the crystals in their magical workings rituals and formulas . The ancient Greeks would carry hematite for protection in battles. The Romans would wear crystals as talisman and many other ancient civilisations acknowledged their power as tools for enlightenment and healing.
Today crystals and gemstones are still held in high esteem. As well as being a great asset for healing, elixirs divination and also magical practices they are also used in LCDs which is liquid crystal displays such as television screens, computer chips, computer laser technology and yes even watches.

So what are crystals?
A Crystal is a solid substance made from geometric shapes.

How are crystals formed?
Crystals are  formed in various different ways with different constituents such as atoms molecules or ions, that are arranged in a geometric ordered structure, forming a crystal lattice that go in all directions.
Crystals formed through geological processes occur when super heated steam carrying the minerals is released from the earths magma. The minerals crystallize on the walls in the earths crust forming a magnificent intricate and repeating patterns.
But they can come in all shapes and sizes and as the crystal structure develops in size, it will repeat the same patterns that forms its shape, whilst still retaining the original shape.
Whatever crystal formation they take the actual structure can emit energy in particularly on a electromagnetic waveband. It further has the ability to absorb, conserve and direct energy especially to where it is needed.

Certain crystals such as Quartz have been described as having the same cell structure as the human body, as quartz is made from silica water and oxygen, therefore, making it highly potent for healing the human body and especially the auric field.

Other crystals are just as powerful and in my following blogs I will take you on a journey of crystal discovery looking at their individual properties and potentcies and how to best use them to greatly benefit your mind body and spirit.
The more you realise and understand about crystals and their abilities to enhance your life the more you will wonder why you had not discovered them before.
More on crystals and gemstones coming soon….