As the ancient craft and magical practices have become more mainstream and on trend, knowledge of the magical arts are becoming more accessible to the average person leading to the rise of the modern witch.

Magic, Witch, Witchcraft, Spells conjure up powerful images that are rich in mystery and yet compelling.


But once upon a time on the other side of the coin it had a rather more sinister image due to the misconception of what a witch’s – craft was all about.

Lets clear up a few of those shall we..

Witches do NOT worship the devil – that is a satanist

Witches do NOT sacrifice animals – that is a satanist

As witches we are protectors of animals , mother nature and the universe as a whole. The word witch means wise woman.

In my book Secret to Magic & Spells, I look at the root of where those false allegations made against witches really came from and clear up any misconceptions.

Speaking personally I am an animal rights advocate and I actively campaign to raise awareness for the animals. I work alongside hardworking groups such as the greyhound protection groups to ensure the banning of greyhound racing world-wide as it is inherently cruel.

These beautiful loving dogs suffer unspeakable cruelty at the hands of the racing and betting industry.

Other campaigns include the closing down of the barbaric dog meat industry in Asia – need I say more.

There are too many to mention in one go so over time I will keep you all posted.

If you wish to find out more and get active about the different causes please check out my How To Help the Planet page. There are many world-wide rescue groups listed that I ‘m sure would greatly appreciate your help.

It feels liberating that finally witchcraft has come out of the dark ages so to speak and has shed its negative image and in fact has become more in demand. Witches can breathe a sigh of relief as thank fully we are a long way away from the burning times.

Love & Enlightenment